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New technologies and trends in online casino games

Few industries have experienced such a boom as the iGaming sector. Even in conditions of pandemic and containment new Swiss online casinos are emerging and the most modern technologies are being used. There are many trends that mark the development of online gambling. In this article we would like to share with you some of the most powerful ones so that you are aware of all the advantages to be enjoyed when playing at online casinos

VR/AR Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are new technologies that allow players to integrate to the maximum. Technological advances are being implemented into online slot and table game designs so that all fans of these entertainments can enjoy more realistic and fun gameplay. You don't have to go to land-based gambling houses anymore: you can play in front of a poker or roulette table from the comfort of your home thanks to augmented reality technologies.

Big Data

Big Data is a technology that has revolutionised the Internet services sector. It allows the collection and analysis of large volumes of information. What information do real money online casinos collect? So, it's data about competitors, laws in the target countries and players. It is not personal data of the users, but their preferences and the most popular trends. Furthermore, Big Data is effective for security, as the analysed information can be used to find scams.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence also works with player data to improve the gaming experience. Its goal is to mimic human intelligence in order to better understand the needs of people who play. Based on the data from this technology, online casinos can make personalised suggestions to users and improve the functioning of their platforms.

PWA application

PWA (Progressive Web Applications) is a new technology widely used by Google and Apple and more and more online casinos are deciding to try it. It is a program that allows any other application to be installed directly from the browser without using online stores. With PWA, gambling becomes even more fluid and accessible.

Faster payments

It's not a big innovation of the year 2020, but online casinos are gradually moving towards the most popular payment methods among users. It's no wonder that players are opting for fast and secure deposit and withdrawal methods. Reputable operators accept e-wallets as well as prepaid cards which are gaining popularity worldwide. In addition, crypto-currencies are making their way into the iGaming industry by becoming one of the most popular transaction services.

Fabrication Française

5 usines en France spécialisées dans la fabrication de cuves et produits en polyéthylène rotomoulé ou en béton

90 ans d'expérience

Sebico s’implante dans le paysage industriel français avec la fabrication et la commercialisation d’extracteurs statiques destinés au couronnement des conduits de fumées et de ventilation d’immeubles

Présent en France et à l'étranger

Le réseau commercial de Sebico s’est implanté dans tous les départements de la métropole ainsi qu’à La Réunion, La Nouvelle Calédonie et Saint-Martin. Il se développe également dans 11 pays européens et bientôt en Amérique du sud.


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